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Simone's Painting and Renovations

wow. My house is small and some of these would be virtually impossible unless I eliminated one of the others. To have a dining table like that I would have no living room, at all. To have a living room like that I would have no office space (I run my business from home). I do home renovations so I see a lot of homes with so much space they can follow these rules and then some, (although the dining room one is often more cramped than that)... But these homes often have rooms that are used more often by the cleaning lady than the home owner, and I personally consider this space to be wasted. I think we need an article that goes into how to have a sofa, chair, television, coffee table, office space, storage, etc... all in a small space and be able to easily maneuver around the room easily. That is where I scratch my head. Eliminating unnecessary items helps but it's also "home" so sometimes an unnecessary item still seems somewhat vital.

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Mindshift, you’re right. We didn’t find it that way when we bought furniture over 20 years ago, but now customization seems the only way to find variety. Or to shop multiple and varied sources, which is what we did. As to oversizing, the chair and a half is ubiquitous right now and lots of them are huge!
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Wicked Wahine

Thank you for your fabulous article!


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