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Hi all - just wanted to add our experience with permeable driveway pavers for those who are considering it. We have a very "green" home and the home has a permeable open cell driveway with tiny gravel in the holes. We now have to tear it out at considerable expense. There are a couple of big considerations that were missed when the previous owner chose it. 1) slope - our driveway is steep in spots. What happens is that the gravel comes loose and is like trying to drive up hill on ball bearings! Unsafe and the noise is scary! We considered changing it to grass instead of the gravel, but in our climate, it would be a mud pit for 5 months a year. 2) difficulty to keep clean. Tree debris lands in it. Can't sweep it, leaf blow it or anything as it blows/sweeps the gravel out too. 3) heels - a petty minor thing, but if you wear heels, it's quite a dangerous surface for you or your guests to navigate without tripping. We will be switching to closed cell square pavers soon. Feel a little guilty about it, but easier and safer for us.

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Any positive experiences? Especially with snow and snow removal?

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We were considering a permeable driveway with our new build but our soils engineer advised against it since its not the issue with basement walls getting wet but the pressure against the walls caused by expansive soils when they get wet. So beware when considering this, polyurethane liners won't help with this.


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