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Evil Fairy

Sadly we inherited awful fake grass when we bought this house last year, we have 2 large dogs. I hate the artificial grass and would never buy it but am going to keep a small section of what is already there for the dogs to do their business. The rest is being ripped up and given away for free to anyone who wants it, better than binning it. In the short term I plan to seed the area with native British wildflowers and build a wildlife corner with a stumpery and nature pond. Hopefully by next summer I'll have a garden teaming with wildlife and won't feel so bad about the small area of fake grass I'll keep for my dogs. Also, in very hot weather, like the recent heatwave, fake grass gets as hot as asphalt and can burn a dog's feet!! I know we don't get that much hot weather in the UK, but it's a factor lots of people don't consider

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Colleen Carter

I dislike fake grass too, but would definitely put down some of the high quality short stuff for female dog piddle breaks we were urban dwellers. We currently have several hundred feet of beautiful, naturally shaped rosemary hedging. Our dogs don't always stay out of it, but it's quite sturdy and makes the pups smell lovely!

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Our original Synlawn was fantastic. Unfortunately when we needed to renovate (add a mother suite) the new Synlawn wasn't laid down properly & the real grass/weeds keep growing through it. HELP? I had to put down fake grass as our lawn was in the shade, got pooled with water when it rained & was always muddy. And with 6 large was gross. At least the fake grass doesn't do that as long as we keep pulling out the weeds that grow through. Does it have to be redone? That's a lot of $$$. :(


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