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I have redoing the basement apartment in a rental house that I own and the first picture is exactly what I was thinking of doing with regards to the windows on the sofa side. I can see through the window that there is a barrier to hold the dirt back and a fence on top of it. I live in Ontario, Canada and wondered how one could do this and not have a problem with snow build up. Thank you.

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Search basement dig out and you will see my educational videos on this subject, user name njstoll on youtube. My dig out videos are rated #1. I promise you will learn something.

There are so many variables when considering a basement dig out. Access, soil type, water table, parking if you are in a city setting, engineering, permits, where to discard soil / rock. condition of existing foundation walls, condition of existing beams, structural condition of home, property value.

If you live in an area that has depressed home values, I do not recommend a dig out, unless you are dead set on remaining in your current area for a long time. If the current value of your living space (excluding the basement) is less than $165 per square foot, it may be best to look for another home that suits your needs.

I always recommend egress wells when doing a basement dig out. Egress wells will qualify the liberated space for bedrooms. Even if you do not want a bedroom in the basement, egress wells are well worth the investment. Basements are very dark if you do not have natural light entering through windows.

If you live in an area where property taxes are high, or your lot will violate zoning code by adding an addition, a basement dig out will make sense. Say you have a 2 story 2000 sf home and you need 1000 sf of extra living space. An addition will cost more than a basement dig out. The addition will increase your property taxes much more than a dig out, as the addition expands the footprint of the home and the city will tax the new addition accordingly.

basementdigout dot com

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melissa deangelis

I am considering a 'home' I found. It was being converted into a home,but they quit and decided to sell it. It needs a basement,bathroom,heating,electrical,and plumbing.On Zillow the heat,electic,and plumbing said costs run about $38,000 besides light fixtures,and I was told by a relative who works in the field a bathroom would be around $8,000.Aprox, about $50k so far,not bad. Problem is its a tiny 'house' so I would need an addition for the bathroom or a bedroom,and a basement. What would the cost of that be?


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