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For an island that is 76" long and 28" wide, what is the max size pendant light that can be used? I have chosen a 10" diameter in clear glass that will look less "bulky" but I want to use 3 of them rather than 2 because I like the balanced look. Is 3 going to look too crowded? 9 ft ceilings, lots of windows and natural light.

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christine clements

I will be having an Island 10 feet long,. and 3 feet wide,.. at Island "type"height, ( generally higher than regular dining height) ,.. This island will also drop down to a dining table height,.. wondering at what height should I hang some pendants ?? :)

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Gayle Weinberg_Kalmin
Hi. I really appreciate his article you posted. I love lighting! It’s like jewelry for your house! It’s important to get it right.

I’m rehabbing a house that I would characterize as mid-cent mod. I need a great fixture for the entryway/stairway (shown here).

I’m debating between a Sputnik blond fixture about 30” wide and a cluster fixture of 5 smaller globe lights
1950’s style.

Which do you think is better in this space and what other advise might you give?

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