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@Nina Pearlmutter: There are light shields readily available for any outdoor light from patio string lights to ground lights, spotlights and even lamp lights. All you need to do is use your search engine of your favorite browser. Search for something like "Shields for patio string lights" or "Shields for residential spot lights."

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DC Mcdaniel

Very helpful! Thanks.

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MeghantheTerrif H

Neighbors put these up, and they looked cute, but they strung them to our tree without asking (over the fence), and then they left them on all night. They said they had them on a timer, but the lights never. Went. Off. The first night they moved out this summer was the best night of sleep I had for months!!!

We have the same lights strung to our trellis, but we only turn them on when/if we are on the patio. Insane to me to think someone should leave the light pollution for everyone else to suffer all the rest of the nights... so glad they’re gone! Now to get the new neighbors to take them down!!!


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