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Thank you. This is helpful.

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Hemendra Jani

I am going through an architect who negotiated with intent to defraud I asked for separate proposals 2nd Floor- $4000 and 1st Floor -$7000.

The agreement we signed instead of separating by 2nd & 1st FL he itemized the prices by his tasks .

The agreement can be cancelled giving 7 days written notice. I cancelled the Kitchen work out of his scope. He is saying since there are no signature on e-mails only the signed agreement so I have to pay $11000.

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Sarah Addyson

Advantages of office fitouts Sydney

Some businesses overlook the importance of office fitouts Sydney, but the truth is that it makes all the difference. Amazing results come from having a space that is aligned with the company’s vision, culture and objectives. To make the most out of office design Sydney, it is recommended hiring a professional, someone that does all the hard work on your behalf, so that in the end, you can simply enjoy the perks.


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