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Lydia Monroe: City Green OC

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If you have acp symptoms, your trees were infected long ago. Like 2-3 years ago on a mature tree. They should be burned. I grow citrus in Florida, and homeowners not knowing is our worst enemy. They also thrive on horticultural favorites like orange jasmine.

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There is no cure for greening at this time. Ultimately, an

infected tree will become unproductive over time. A smaller tree will succumb to the infection more quickly than a larger tree. As tree health declines, it should be removed and burned not buried.

Budding (grafting), the other method for disease spread, is

illegal for Florida homeowners to perform. This regulation

is in place to prevent unintentional disease spread. Only

certified nurseries may graft/bud citrus trees from certified

mother trees determined to be clean stock. The disease is

not seed transmissible.

There is no cure or treatment for HLB. Once a tree has

greening, it will become unproductive over time. Fertilizer

will make the tree appear healthier for a short period of

time but will not improve productivity or fruit flavor.

Although chemicals (organic and non-organic) are effective in managing ACP, they do not completely eradicate the entire population. Pesticidal sprays only maintain

ACP populations at low levels.

Some alternative crops include, but are not limited to

peaches, plums, blueberries, pomegranates, guava, chestnuts,

and figs. ~UF/IFAS Extension


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