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Mark Chocko


Loved this article! I am so intrigued by small space living, and the ideas you've outlined are great and practical solutions. When it comes to how to make a small room look bigger, one thing I have found that is quite helpful is to try and create open space by using smaller, or less "robust" furniture. So, slim line or wooden furnishings with cushions, as opposed to huge leather sofas and so forth.

Would you have any recommendations for color, or possibly painting or murals that might create depth?

Thanks for putting this together! Really enjoyed reading it.

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janohn bowen

The decor is beautiful but it's lacking one thing, TV's. The reality is that a living room is often the only location in a small home with a TV. What are some creative ways to have a TV in an open space? No walls are beautiful but it also limits where you can hang a television. Thanks!

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Cedric Lajoie

My wife is now more motivated to pursue her artistic journey in fine arts and is now more confident to showcase her own art on our living room! Thank you for your inspiring article!


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