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I would think that many of these ideas would be effective even in a small apartment. 1) Hide the TV behind a shallow, removable picture 2) Add a softer side with fabrics, woven material and natural things like wood and flowers 3) Use curved lines in the furniture, not necessarily curved furniture 4) Have chairs with arms 5) Use "throws" to wrap up in 6) Use lighting with a warmer hue, not clinical white light bulbs and 7) Add at least one green plant, even if it is small. Also, I would add darker light switch covers with shape and/or texture, perhaps carved wood covers with character. Consider changing cabinet hardware to a black, a pewter finish or natural wood. Add a decorative window film to represent stained glass or other appealing pattern for effect and privacy.

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Manhattan Home Design

I like the mid-century modern pieces in some of the examples! MCM can also be inviting and cozy

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love the photos and story. Affirmed my thoughts.
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