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Carol Rafferty

Saving anything important on a computer is a bad idea. Worms, zombies, & malware would love it, if you did. I don't!!

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Permanent documents like deeds and pink slips are best housed in a safe deposit box at a bank or a fireproof safe. I would never keep these kinds of documents or anything with a social security number on it in a file cabinet, too much risk of identity theft. Extra checks should also be kept in a safe, I had my house broken into and checks stolen once, and it took years to unravel the mess!
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Elizabeth F

I use CamScanner on my android phone. It scans anything you take a picture of (I scan mostly old photos, receipts and recipes), enhances, trims and auto-scales it automatically and will create a pdf or image file for you to share or save. It's the most used app on my phone.


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