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Kate Madison

Great article on the many uses of a china hutch! Very inspiring. We build a variety of china hutches or traditional "stepback cupboards", there are so many decorative approaches...time to get creative.

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We purchased a used china cabinet and need advise on how to use the silverware drawer with slots.

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Pennington Geis

The knives go one each, sharp edge of the blade down, into the slots that are just wide enough for a knife blade. Alternate the knife orientation so that here are handles on either side of the row of slots, with the blades in the center.
In the slots that are as wide as a spoon or fork handle, fill each with a stack of like pieces. If the bowls of soup spoons or tablespoons bump into each other, just reverse one stack so the bowls are next to the handles in the adjacent stack.
If your silverware is actually made of silver, or silver plate, you will save your self a lot of polishing if you line the drawer with Pacific Silver Cloth, and have a second piece to cover everything.


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