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My general plan for vanities:
Separate sinks for each user.
Vanity standing on the floor to avoid need to clean under
it. You can caulk the bottom edge if needed.
A bank of four or five 7-10” wide drawers for each user.
Deep drawers are less useful.
Recessed toe-kick or vanity with no legs or “feet”
since you will often be bare-foot in the bathroom.
Wall-to-wall vanity and counter with backsplash
when the vanity is between two walls: things won’t fall
off the edges.
Undermount sinks for easy wipe-up.
Hand towel within reach for each user.
GFI outlet for each user.
Sconce lighting over each sink plus recessed ceiling
lights about 4” out from counter edge so the light can
reflect off the mirror onto the face and hair of user.

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Debora Hadeen

Where is the laundry hamper?

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Electrical in the vanity is a nice idea, please check your local building code before you start. Some areas will require a trip switch if installed inside closed cabinets. It really depends on where you live as to what will will allow in that area.


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