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Years ago I ripped up our old rug in the living room and ordered flooring. As it turned out I didn't have time to put the floor in before our party. My daughter asked me if I was going to cancel our party and to her horror, I said absolutely not! I piled the boxes of flooring up, put a pretty cloth over it creating a buffet. It created an interesting focal point and conversation piece. AND it was also the first time I realized that what my mom had always told me...people are there to see you, not your house, is true.
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Cindy Childers
Any get together should be fun and stress free. We have dinner parties at the drop of a hat. I dim the lights, lots of candles, a signature cocktail. We keep the bar stocked, check it monthly, and the freezer is full of frozen goodies like little meat pies, hot wings, Danish puffs, and always in the pantry, jams, and jellies to top off the brie that I keep on hand. I shop at least once a week for cheeses, and crackers. I love to have impromptu parties.
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Charlee, my favorite home to visit in the holidays has dust balls as well as a fun and fancy table, but more importantly the hostess is wearing a big smile because she gets creative but not in the cleaning category.

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