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Skipp - Online Kitchen Design

A few of our team members grew up in Florida, where they learned to take natural disasters seriously. We can't stress enough how important hurricane preparedness is. For those living in Florida, Hurricane Dorian is looking like the real deal. Please prepare and stay safe!

Link: What to Do Before the Tropical Storm or Hurricane

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Nina Pearlmutter

The biggest action you can take to prepare for most natural disasters is buy/build a house on high ground, out of a flood zone, away from rivers and ocean coasts. I live on the east coast, have lived in the midwest and west coasts. I've lived in Des Moines when floods were so bad, you couldn't leave the city if you wanted too. Time after time, I see pictures of peoples' houses flooded and/or washed away. . They are in flood zones and too close to the ocean or in river flood plains. I specifically built our Maine house on a ledge, 20 feet above the level of the tidal river near us. We are not in the new flood maps for that reason, even though some of our lower land might get flooded. A few miles away, all the expensive (and I mean over 1-2 million dollar) homes in the beach area are in the flood zone and the flood insurance is causing many of these homeowners to rethink and sell their homes. Tornados are unpredictable, earthquakes are unpredictable in many areas, but flooding is not. Think before you buy/build. As for Florida, the whole state is a lowland flood zone and will be underwater in a few years due to climate change. Enjoy it while you can.


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