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Love edge of porch
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sharonna misha designs
@Rachel- I agree with The Kitchen Place - I think that b'c of the arched windows, corbels- and especially b'c it had a porte-cochere- your house would look so great with a red barrel tile roof!! are you 100% sure that they're calling it craftsman? we live in a historic neighborhood comprised of Spanish/Mediterranean and Craftsman homes and my husband and I are always studying architecture. I don't see any of the characteristics of a craftsman but, either way, I would def. recommend the red barrel tile roof if you're allowed to do it!! ☺
it'll look like a gorgeous Spanish colonial...
for reference:
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I looked back through the deed and public records to find out that we are only the 4th owners of our 1925 American Foursquare. the original owners built the house themselves and raised several children in it. They lived here for 40 years. The house was sold by one of the children after their father passed away. The second family lived here for 30 years. They made some tasteful updates in the early 70's, opening a wall between the kitchen and dining room and turning the back porch into a laundry room addition. These people sold the house to downsize and live only a few miles away. The next owner was a single father of three who sold the house to us when he became an empty nester.

During one of the open houses a woman in her 90's toured the house. She told the real estate agent that she was born in the house. Her father was the man who built it, and she said it looks relatively the same as it did when she lived here as a child.

I've gotten a lot of information off of my elderly neighbor too. He filled me in on the history of the garage and how the second home owners built that and had a small auto repair business out of it. He told me when many of the updates were done. He was able to tell me what the personalities of the people who used to live here were like, and what kind of dogs they had. He told me all about the horse the second owners had and how the barn had been used over the years, from originally being a house, to becoming a chicken house, and a run in shed for a pony.

Historic aerial shots of the area were very informative.

I also got information off of my mortgage broker. She was friends with the daughter of the second home owners. She used to sleep over at the house and ride the pony when she was a kid. She also did the mortgage for the third homeowners and knew them too.


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