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I love the chalkboard painted table! Great idea!

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Louise McCarthy

I am late to the party, apologies.

what a lovely article. Thank you. I have lived a few lives and each has been remarkable. Not quite perfect, but they are perfection. And this current life will be perfection, too.

thanks you, thank you.

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Bliss This Home

Great list... imperfection, gratitude, beauty, organization, purging, renewal...

Personally I'm a big fan of wabi-sabi in my own home; I love not only noticing imperfections but also injecting a few as reminders.

Also, in Positive Psychology circles, the concept of "appreciative inquiry" is all about remembering what's working well, what's positive about the situation, seeing "half full" as well as "half empty" (hopefully recognizing that often it's more than half full!). Sometimes we need to make more conscious efforts for that because we've evolved to notice and focus on the negative; that's more automatic and needs to be counterbalanced/overcome.

Much of positive interior design (enhancing one's well-being via home surroundings) is about that feel-good factor. Don't strive for trendy or envy those carefully-crafted images from snooty design magazines. Create uplifting spaces you love -- that's what matters!


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