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Loren D
My husband and I just finished a large portion of our future kitchen remodel. It was not planned, so it was stressful as far as limited time, budget and no recipe planning. We had replaced a couple sheets of drywall in our kitchen ceiling due to an AC leak. We had not mud or taped or finished that section since we knew we wanted to add pot lights and redo wiring/ AC. Well, by changing over home owner insurance to get a cheaper rate, we actually were threatened with cancelled coverage if the ceiling was not fixed within 30 days after an insurance agent rep walked through our house.

Hence... our decision to just go ahead and fix one wall and the ceiling completely vs wasting time and money to finish drywall we would eventually tear down again. What was supposed to be about a week, of course, turned into 3. The old electrical was a mess and a maze. The kitchen soffits were built like fortresses and added a full day to demo day( my personal favorite part of any project). My husband works from home and had to keep up with his work too. Other than drywall finishing, we are very experienced DIY’ers. I was not thrilled my husband wanted to try to finish the drywall vs paying someone, but I figured it was just the ceiling and one wall that would have a bunch of cabinets eventually plus backsplash. Another wall is coming down for open concept and the last wall is being opened for insulation and will have all new cabinets. Other than the mudding/taping between the ceiling and the walls, it came out really nice. I will post pics tomorrow once everything is cleaned and moved back in. I still recommend letting someone finish your drywall after you have it up simply from a time and body wear and tear viewpoint. My neck, shoulders, hands and elbows are killing me and sleep has been limited. Finishing drywall, in theory, seems easy, but it truly is an acquired skill.

The fast timeline and stress of how it’s going to turn out, I’m sure stressed us and our mind and bodies more than having to air fry, toast or microwave in the living room. We had our full fridge out there too. I am sick of takeout for dinner though, and I’m one who doesn’t like to cook. It’s finally over tomorrow( for a while) though. Please pass the Aleve and Advil:)
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Loren D
cdevine18914: Yes, yes....I totally forgot that part of our recent Reno... finding a place to cut up fruits and veggies. We have guinea pigs and big salad eaters in our house. I think this was the hardest of all the food prep stuff. Cutting boards on laps and our card table was the best we could do. All of the small appliances were on the dining table. Cleaning and washing all of that stuff was the worst!!
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Lion Windows and Doors

having that temp prep space in your kitchenette is key!


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