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Laurence Pimentel

Thanks for very practical, insightful information. I agree with the first comment about toiletry storage in shower areas. Love niches built into the walls. A fold-down bench or room for a seat can become important as we age. Our master bath is large, but the house's builder saved space with a narrow door that wouldn't easily accommodate a walker or wheelchair. Even if we never need either of those, I rarely enter or exit with a laundry basket without hitting the woodwork. Enlarging the doorway is a need in our future redo. I appreciate warnings that doorless showers can be too cool; guess I'll have to try them out at hotels or other people's homes.

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Susan Weber

I have solved the terrible glass wall problem with a textured glass that looks like rain. (There are several options.) It obscures the view of the occupant AND, more importantly, obviates the need for constant upkeep of the glass. I love it!

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The glass can come with a treatment that will cut down on spots. There is also “RainX which we have used for years on our shower doors ONLY every 6 months! In between you have NO cleaning. Soap and water just roll off and doesn’t build up. That being said, think twice about an open shower. Yes, they look beautiful but can be really cold unless your whole body is covered in hot water. We live in south Florida and yes outside it’s hot but inside it’s air conditioned 24/7. Can only imagine how cold it would be anywhere else. Ask yourself if that shower curtain is opened while showering, “am I cold”? If so be prepared to be cold in that opened shower. This is our latest master bathroom remodel.


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