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@shirleyloraine1 - I had a great time laughing after reading your "drinking wine" comment. :) As another Gardener devoted to my plants and willing to take any sacrificial steps such as drinking more wine to help the cause - a question for you. Do you keep the corks whole when you place them on top of your potted plants OR do you crumble them up?

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I just toss them on top without any cutting. There are lots of crafts to use them up such a wreath or cork board. They can be found in the bushes anywhere in my yard after the gardeners come by with a blower. So far the plants are not complaining.

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Wine corks also make good "pot feet" to elevate pots off the ground, which helps with drainage and to help prevent ants from colonizing pots. I nail four corks together into a square, and use 3-4 squares to elevate each pot.


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