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J Gil Organic

But synthetic turf also requires anything else it is not the perfect solution to lawn care. Even organic lawns require some inputs. My common sense tells me real grass beats artificial because of the safety issues. An stablished organic lawn doesn't have to be fertilized, or aerated, or dethatched and you don't even need to use gas powered mowers. There are now full electric comercial mowers.

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Ggem Design Co.

Thank you so much for featuring our dock project in this article!

We loved this use of synthetic grass! We've also used it for golf holes, distant backyard areas and more.

So glad Jenny Peterson mentions the fact that it gets hot. That is the number 1 advisory statement we have on it.

Some other tidbits we learned are these:

A movie location scout told one potential location owner that it disqualifies the space from shooting because it has a sheen that can be seen on camera. This comes up in So Cal!

We also had an unsuccessful install in a pet area in a yard, it was absolutely and totally properly drained, but the install still held pet odors unless rinsed. The rinsing caused more water use than the original grass. Many point out that pet shelters use synthetic grass and I encourage anyone considering the application to go and smell a pet shelter and see if it's a fit for your use.

Thanks so much again for including us!

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Kyle Moore

Artificial grass is really great for water scarce areas like South Africa, or for just greening up outdoor areas at the office. I must agree with some of the negatives of it, like it being extremely hot in the summer. And reading about the movie scout rejecting a location owner because of the sheen is an eye opener. But generally, for a normal home or office environment, I couldn't vouch for artificial grass any more!


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