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I have a layout that is not discussed here. A G shaped kitchen. It is small with a built in island at one end looking into a large dining room or great room . It is big. I love the fact that stove , sink , and fridge are close so when cooking everything is right there, but not a lot of room for more than two people at one time. The breakfast bar drops down so two people can sit there and where we eat most of the time. My home was built in the 40's so not much can be done to enlarge but house is great for two people and a dog. We do manage to get about 30 people in here during our Christmas gathering. Put a long table up against the breakfast bar and use island also for buffet.
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People whp "spare no expense" or who are willing to up their mortgage to have a "desgner kitchen" may choose to reinvent the wheel, however, most of us work within the bounds of the home we chose in the first place to fit the bdget and lifestyle we can live comfortably. I love to see the way homeowners imaginations create real-life workable kitchen they and their familys can enjoy!

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