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Kevin R

Awesome article Michelle Jeresek! Granite has been recognized for its
timeless beauty and durability. it is a type of igneous rock that is
gritty in texture. Granite is generally pink, white or gray in color,
depending on their mineralogy. Because of its durability, Granite is one
of the most popular options forcountertops and adds the value to a
home. NW Granite & Marble, LLC provide affordable and quality expert
design services for kitchen, bathroom, bar tops, and fireplaces.

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8 years in, my Kashmir honed granite has held up to heavy use. Yes it can stain, the only problem I've had is bacon grease sitting in a container on the counter for 5 days and a strong colored hand soap dripping. I got the stains out with a baking soda paste and time. Switching to light colored hand soap and wiping up drips solved the problem. The stain literally went through the stone and disappeared. Honed can hide dirt TOO well. I have to run my hand over it sometimes to detect all the food residue. I have polished granite in a 2nd home that looks water stained all the time, I wish I went honed in that house.

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Kitchen Magic

Now that's a beautiful countertop!


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