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I am short so upper cabinets are basically a waste of space. I have a couple of them with everyday dishes, lowered them to sit on counter, that way I can access 3 shelves standing on the floor. As I age I don't want to be standing on step-stools to reach daily dishes. I like keeping the spices in a shelving unit between the studs. The shelving is shallow and I can see everything so nothing gets lost and outdated. I like drawers exclusively on the lower cabinets. I like tall cabinets with pull-out drawers. One next to stove for pots and pans, the lids mounted on the inside door. Everything I use most often is at a height where I don't have to bend down much. I also like 3 tall cabinets in the oven/baking area. One for pans (cake, bread, and casseroles), one on each side of the ovens. On one side I put unbaked cookies on sheets, bread raising and other unbaked goods. On the other side, I put baked goods for cooling/storing. The lower part of the cabinets are for storing extra sheets and large jelly roll pans. My island has drawers on both sides. One for often used baking supplies and the other for storing baking tools and containers. At the end of the island, it drops to table height, nice for a few friends to gather for coffee/tea and conversation. It is perfect height to roll out cookies/cinnamon rolls. It is my favorite room of the house. I also have a huge skylight that lightens the room, even at night when the moon is full, plus a lot of windows where the upper cabinets would usually block. If you must have upper cabinets, consider fixed windows where the back splash would be. It really adds light to the counter tops.

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Wow. Great design.

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