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Stone & Land, LLC
Just wanted to say thanks. It's hard to break the turf grass addiction. You have great examples and it takes a lot of knowledge to replicate nature, not necessarily low maintenance either at first, but when its done right it is quite stunning.
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Thank you for this article. I have just purchase a 4 acre property and was thinking of having a third of it become a meadow (it currently has a manicured lawn) but I didn't know where to begin!
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Wonderful, Juliet! Please do check with your state's native plant society, and they will help you pick the right plants for your area to get your meadow started. Planting is best saved for fall/winter, so they can get established before the heat arrives. You'll have a better survival rate, unless you're in a heavy freeze zone. Also google native plants for your area. Here in California, Delta is now offering seed and sod for native grass blends. Maybe they're available elsewhere too. Thanks for cutting back on lawn!

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