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Sorry - got my areas mixed up - I have a horsie friend in Red Bluff. Article I read was from SFGate about a hail storm hitting North Bay in Sonoma County on Wed. PM 02.22.17 hitting the town of Windsor. Said it lasted about 10 minutes. In any case, glad no damage was done. In any case, best of good planning to you for your sedges. Do get in touch with your local extension service.

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Action Ecology

Compost is not 'mulch'. While it - like top soil - can be used as a mulch (poured over the ground), it's actually an inoculant of (hopefully) beneficial microbial life and organic matter. It's a growing medium and inoculant, not strictly a ground cover.

Also, you can't really mulch too deeply. It shouldn't go anaerobic unless it is being compacted somehow or is so fine that oxygen can't penetrate, but if that is the material you are considering it's probably not ideal for mulching anyway.

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If I had wanted to state what town I was in and my exact location I would have done so myself. I consider your assuming that I live in Windsor to be presumptuous as well as your assumption that I would want to give out info to the general public regarding my exact location. I am no longer interested in talking to you.


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