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While I love beautiful flowers and a lovely decorative garden, I've made the decision this year to only plant things that feed me. If I'm going to use the water here in the desert, I'd rather use it on plants that will feed my family and a few neighbors. I will still keep my gorgeous lantanas because we planted them when we moved in 12 years ago and they require very infrequent watering, but I won't plant anything other than veggies or fruit. Veggie and fruit blossoms are just as beautiful. Learning to garden for food here in the desert of Aridzona has been an experience <cough>, but I've managed enough successes to not have to buy vegetables in 3 months. I just started some winter veggies, not as showy as the summer squash blossoms, but green and useful. With a slow drip system, the garden doesn't use much water and what it does use I easily make up for by cutting back a few things in the house. If anyone is interested in trying this, here is a link to my blog post about starting the garden. Hopefully you'll be able to avoid our failures lol.

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In the 2-year old landscape ... did someone turn that Texas ranger in the background into a mushroom!

Good tips, especially the buying small, and digging wide holes instead of deep ones. You get far better results, and spend less time and money.

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How to plant shrubs etc for success

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