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Jerry Shore

I have a cut behind my house with a flower bed on top, the side towards the house grows moss all along it in the winter time. Just went out and sprayed some water on it and 10 min later it is mossy again and this is end of summer in drought stricken no calif.

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Trilliums Landscaping & Horticulture

I can't grow the acid loving moss (moss's?) in my calcium rich, 8.4 ph. clay soil without going to truly heroic measures -however- there are many species that are happy in the conditions I do have, take a walk in your local woods to get an idea of which kinds will grow in your neighborhood.

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Ron Gordon

Question: planted some commercial moss patches in my new "orientalish" garden. It took hold very well and spread quickly. By the end of the second year, however, dead spots appeared in the centers of two of the larger patches, an all of them showed sagging in the centers. A month ago, I filled the hole in one patch with some compost and azalea amendment (for acidity). 1) What causes the patches? What is the best way to restore the patch and smooth out the growth as it spreads?


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