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I agree with the lack of non-ceiling light, these are very important to create an atmosphere and there are not enough here. I'm not a big fan of white/almost white sofas and chairs either. #3 is ma favourite one, but I had exactly the same thought as some other readers : why such a large library if you have no books to put in? Or a real serious collection of something beautiful to display (not talking about knickknacks you buy in souvenir shops or "objets" you buy just for filling the space and gathering dust). And I also regret the lack of wall/ceiling treatment. Nobody seems to have even considered something else than white (or light grey) painting, so that all these rooms consistently look like white boxes containing furniture. Thought that hiring a designer would address at least some of these "issues", but apparently not.

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#1 Did I read "Nothing matches"? I see two matching brown leather chairs (from West Elm) and 2 matching white slip covered chairs. My mistake, you are correct, the 2 brown leather chairs don't match the 2 white slip covered chairs.

#2 I agree with the designers - all those built ins are a bit much. My eye went right to them even after being curated. And if it took all that time to find items that worked together - well - better not change a dang thing for the next 20 years or it won't work.

#3 I could live with this. Couldn't believe the designers first put the couches facing each other in a long room. Any long rectangle need to be broken up and the L arrangement would be the best way to go. Only thing I would do different is put a painting between the two shelf units to add interest to the background when someone walks into the room. Great place to put a bit of navy colour to also draw you eye to the navy blue chair which I really didn't see sittin' off by itself. My eye went to the two shelf units then the two grey couches.

I do see ceiling lights in #1 and #3. #2 doesn't show enough of the ceiling to discern whether or not there are ceiling lights. I'm sure there are probably lights in the 4 built in units of #2 as well as #3. :) #2 also has two large sofa table lamps, so between those and the 4 shelf units, that's quite a bit of lighting for that size room. It's really only larger rooms that really do require ceiling lights. Personally, I dislike ceiling inset lights. I prefer sconces, table lamps, floor lamps and pendants.

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yawn - white, white and more white. Sorry - that gray is so pale, it could be white. Does no one have brown pets? gardening pants? catsup? a husband?


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