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Pavlina Dimou

@trishacopp and @vmbluelemur

Thank you so much for responding :)

In the picture i have taken (where yoi can see my hand!), i am showing at the far right the grey will be for the kitchen bench and the island bench.

In the middle the silk grey was chosen for all the cupboards.

The wood part of the picture is a simulation of how the floor will be. It won't be exactly like that. It will be more of the natural oak colour.

All cupboards are made of wood

I haven't thought at all about the back wall. People say to me a white metro glossy tile will match.

But i am not sure these will match... from trisha's comment i understand that they don't really match..i have the same feeling and at the same time i honestly don't know how/what to choose regarding colours...

The 1st picture is only a design/drawing of the kitchen space nothing to do with colours etc

Any ideas on what would be a good colour matching?

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As far as I can judge from the picture the two greys don't match because one is greenish and the other one blue-based. I wouldn't combine two greys on large surfaces either because it would make the whole kitchen look too much like a grey cave (well some people might like it, I'm only giving my personal opinion here). I would keep the nice dark grey chosen for the kitchen bench(the one at the far right) and rather combine it with a light/greyish blue (like the one used on the island in the first picture above for example) or with white. I would keep the walls around the cupboard white. As for the backsplash, white subway tiles are my personal worst choice scenario. OK they're cheap, but they're so standard, you see them in about 75% of the new kitchens/kitchen renovations, indicative of a total lack of imagination as far as I'm concerned. If you like them go for it, you can't really go wrong if your other colors are grey/wood/blue. I would choose a light colored backsplash in any case, but either more original white tiles (hexagons etc...), or even better a softly patterned tile that has two colors (white-grey or white-blue) and would tie the whole design together. These are just a few examples I found on Houzz, for the pattern and/or shape, I realize they may not be the right size or material but you'll get the idea :

8"x8" Medina Handmade Cement Tiles, Gray and White, Set of 12 · More Info

8"x8" Starfish Cement Tile · More Info

Mia Handcrafted Cement Tile, Sample · More Info

Elite Cement Remy 8x8x5/8 Solids Tile Snow · More Info

8"x8" Narbonne Cement Tile · More Info
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They all incorporated having two different style of upper cabinets and a focal point island. Very interesting and different just when I thought I was tired of white kitchens these particular ones have me reconsidering.


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