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Webado Webada

I'm slowly decluttering and cleaning various areas. I'm doing it at my own pace. I've just gone through a lot of old papers in my hubby's tall boy and a couple of Archivex boxes. The tallboy never held normal stuff like clothing. Nope it held some books, a lot of paper and pocket lint. I finally recovered some important documents (house and mortgage deeds which would have been totally impossible to locate without all this cleaning). What I am keeping fits into a small box. What I'm throwing has filled 2 huge garbage bags with paper and shredded papers. My recycling bin has been kept steadily filled to capacity these last couple of weeks.

Hubby has a tendency to keep every scrap of paper whether useful or not. And he's been dumping that inside that tall boy over the last 32 years or so. I think there'd been an effort to sort that at some point (by me of course) because there are some cardboard magazine racks, but mostly I think I only put everything in them without any thought of actually sorting anything.

Last week I tackled the drawers of my dresser and dumped old stuff and sorted my undies and nighties and jammies and socks properly. Then the drawers of that tall boy and got rid of his old underwear and t-shirts and socks and sorted them. I removed in all a huge garbage bag of old clothes, some dumped as trash, some for donations.

I also fixed up the top shelves in my closet, where I keep the sweaters, nicer tees and other tops. Still have too much stuff! Further culling is needed. Much culling.

I need to finish shredding the last pile of papers. I shred anything that has a name, address, signature or account number on it. They go back to the mid 80's, basically when we moved into this house. More fodder for the recycling bin.

Later today I'll tackle hubby's closet. Lord, give me strength! There is stuff in there spanning several sizes (he's lost weight after heart surgery), and many clothes may be 20 years old or more. He's retired (as am I) so all his old office attire is largely useless now even if pretty timeless fashion-wise. More and more donations ....

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@Annie If you want to keep the dresses and shoes without cluttering your own closet, try a nylon ikea storage closet. They're strong, but very light. I keep 2 in our basement for our out of season clothes, and my dresses which i seldom wear. There are 2 shelves on the bottom for shoe boxes, or it my case i store blankets and guest pillows there.

These closets are under $35.
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Webado Webada

I bought one of those for my son after he moved to his own apartment, to store his hockey equipment so he won't stink up his closet. No idea how it's working for him.

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