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Unfortunately I’ve just had a chance to field test my kitchen from the viewpoint of a wheelchair. But fortunately I don’t expect it to be permanent. Big drawers are a big deal. You can store a whole set of dishes in one. Actually, wheelchairs have a pretty tight turning radius and I have not had any trouble maneuvering between my island and perimeter counter even though I think it’s less than 48 inches. Doorways need some room unless you want to scrape the paint off. If my condition were permanent I would either lower a section of counter or leave it open underneath for a comfortable place to slice and dice. Dishwasher is another consideration. The big door is unwieldy. Might be a case for those dishwasher drawers but I’ve never had them. Microwave doesn’t work out over the oven. Putting the microwave on the counter might just be the best solution so you have some place to put the dish when you take it out. No carpeting, that’s essential. No “thresholds” between rooms to go over with a wheelchair.
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lynmastro - sobering isn't it? I hope that through these articles people, builders and designers will all get on board with making more homes and public places universally accessible. Thanks for your comment and good luck to you in your recovery :)

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Please do not use handicap bathroom stalls unless you do have a disability.


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