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Heidi Presser
I don't have these but would like to buy the blueberries that are evergreen. In the winter, I would like to put the pots on plastic tables on my screened in porch so that I have color on my porch. I live in zone six. I might have to move the plants somewhere else for the growing season. The porch has a roof. Three walls are screens and one wall is connected to the house. I think that I might need to put them in the middle of the yard to get enough light. Our doors have eaves over them.
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I'd like to update my comment, since I did buy six brazelberry plants since I read this ideabook. I planted the berries in a flowerbed in front of my porch. They receive full to part sun, and I have sandy loam soil, which I amend with pine needles, compost and lots of coffee grounds. They are not very hardy for whatever reason. I bought these in December or January of 2014-2015. Two died the first season, and three more are just doing ok. I have one that is really thriving and beautiful. I am somewhat of a lazy gardener, so that might have something to do with it. However, my regular blueberry plants are doing fine, so I think these are just a fussier plant. I really wanted these to do well and I'm not giving up yet, but if I'm honest, this was an expensive mistake.

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Le jardinet

Thanks for sharing your experience. I suggest you email the company and discuss this with them. I'm sure they would be happy to offer advice. Good luck


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