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Walker Woodworking

Walker Woodworking From Charlotte NC to Asheville NC

Simple Transformation · More Info

Keeping the same floor print or layout requires
a good designer to focus on the user, functionality, workflow and improve
utilization of storage. That is exactly what took place in this
kitchen remodel. Take
a look into this fabulous before and after transformation and see more details
such as seeded glass doors, spice pull outs, and a custom hood all creatively
designed by Brandon Fitzmorris.

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An ISLAND is absolutely necessary for my family. I have small children, and I always have kids playing at my house. When I am serving them meals or snacks, I need the island near the refrigerator so I can set milk, juice, syrup, bread, butter, etc that I need to to prepare meals for them. Since I have moved out of my house during my renovation, I am currently miserable in a kitchen without an island. I am constantly juggling several things in my arms to make it to the nearest counter. I recently dropped glass storage containers because I am carrying too much stuff. Think about what works for your family.
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Mixer or Food processor stand

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