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Other Than The Fact That Almost All Of This Is Built On A Soon Shifting Reclaimed Dump. Many "South Mainers" Seem To Alienate Locals And Tradition. Almost A Cult Like"One Of Us" Vibe Can Be Felt.Lofty Trust Fund Kids Can Be Seen In Floods During Summer Months And Then Hide Back Out At Home During The Winter.Sure Raft Guides And Tourism Follow Strongly, But So Does (in some cases)There Litter, Drunkenness And In Disregard For Others. Now This Does Not Speak For Everyone Involved With Development. The Actual Town Of Buena Vista His Improved Leaps And Bounds On The Coat Tails Of This Project.
The Real Buena Vista Consists Of Many People Making Meager Wages In Restaurants And At The Local Prison To Put Food On The Table. The Town Can No Longer Keep Citizens Based On The "Beautiful View" Alone.
I Commend Mayor Joel Benson For All Of His Balanced Work And Vision.
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Jeanie Cannon
My husband and I built a home in South Main three years ago and love our neighborhood. We are very grateful for the work of Jed, Katie, Dustin, Kenny, JJ, Andre, and Joni in making South Main a welcoming place for any resident of Buena Vista. Yes, there have been bumps, we all are always learning, aren't we? Come walk down our streets and enjoy the smiles of the residents of this lovely little community. Jeanie Cannon
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Moore Bros. Construction Company
What beautiful and well thought-out homes! This is the type of thinking we need to have for all of Colorado. Kudos to Kenny Craft

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