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I think the best outdoor lights are the moon and the stars. Do city kids ever have a chance to see them? We have a couple of lights on the house and keep the yard dark. We wear headlamps to walk the dog. On moonless nights we use a headlamp to find the car, too.

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I agree with all the commenters who are concerned about nighttime lighting harming wildlife. With so many species endangered and losing habitat it is about time to put their needs ahead of decorative considerations.

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Webado Webada

Well we have some solar lights and they only worked for a few weeks after we installed them. Now most of them simply don't charge. It's not the rechargeable batteries that are at fault, because we recharge them in an indoor charger with no problem, the trouble is the lights don't turn off during the day any more so the batteries get drained in 1-2 days and then they don't charge from the sunlight either. It's the photo-voltaic cells that are faulty. Or whatever controls the solar lights.

I'm pretty fed up with these lights, we have bought several replacements and they all have the same fate. From talking to neighbours and friends I know they too keep buying and replacing their solar lights often. Buying a much more expensive brand is no guarantee they'll work properly either.


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