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Kat - Thank you for such a nice affirmation. Love your confidence! My displeasure with some portfolios, especially of some traditional-leaning designers, is that each project is obviously just another iteration of the designer's formula in yet another poor soul's home. Glass coffee table? Check. Potted plant? Check. Tablescape with books? Check. The interior designers I admire most have portfolios that scream "client's-wishlist-done-brilliantly", whether in modern, eclectic, traditional, or no named style at all. These portfolios show the client was confident (aka comfortable) enough to express their wishes to the designer, and that the designer listened to the client and had the skill to deliver those wishes.
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Iyare I
The idea that traditional is timeless and so means chic, classy, expensive, and whatever else goes with that is ridiculous to me. I understand that different people have different styles and so if one is traditional, they stick with traditional but I look at some "traditionals" and all I can do is yawn and think predictable and boring regardless of how much money is spent on a room. Personally, I like rooms with personality. I like to see a little bit of the person in the room. I like to walk into a person's house and say, yup, this is so you!! While traditional can be good..... I think a lot of people are learning that their houses dont have to look like their parents house and are experimenting a little more... which is great to me
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Alotta Miles
Houzz PLEASE include paint colors/mfg in your articles/side notes!!!! When we see something we like we need info!

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