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hi , how are you i want to ask you about syle 13 what material use in floor ? and thanks
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These are all nice kitchens...if you live in a mansion. Many people I know do not have this enormous amount of space. My whole house is the size of some of these rooms.
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Yeah Kim Cooper! I say leave the subway tile in the subway already. I also concur with noopysma -- the average person doesn't have a kitchen as huge as these even when it is included in a "great room". I personally like maple cabinets that are stained in a light-medium wood tone and I prefer glazed to unglazed. That's what I have now (maple with a coffe glaze) and I'll have a mocha glazed maple next! No tiled counters for me -- although I love my "granite look" laminate. After 8 years of heavy use (and I've put hot pots on it too), mine still looks great. I did get a shiny finish called "etchings" on it. I like parts of many of the kitchens shown above, but I am not an island fan. I prefer peninsulas.

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