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Becky Harris

You are reminding me that I MUST clean out my T-shirt drawer this weekend. It is so overstuffed and I only ever wear about three of them, the soft ones. My closet looks like Olive Oyl's, I buy the same things every year before doing the seasonal switch-out.

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Tim Gunn once advised turning all the hangers backwards at the start of the season. Each time a garment is worn, reverse the hanger to the proper way. At the end of the season or a year's time, pull out the un-turned hanger clothes and bye-bye. I found I was purposely hunting for the unworn, so I wouldn't have to toss the pieces. By doing so, I expanded my wardrobe world.
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Is there a book of Laura's lists/articles? Alternatively, can I print theses out (text only)?

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