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*Sigh* I find it so sad that the replacement window industry has done such a fabulous job of convincing owners of historic buildings that their old windows MUST be replaced for energy efficiency purposes. Before you toss out your old windows, consider the following:

Old windows are usually made from old-growth wood--a quality that just is not available today at an affordable cost.

Old windows were made to be repaired. If something breaks, you can fix it. The same is not true of vinyl windows, which usually require replacement of a whole unit.

Most energy loss occurs at the foundation and attic--it's called the "stack effect." Your investment dollars are better spent adding insulation to your attic, sealing up cracks around your foundation, installing an efficient furnace, and adding storms to your historic windows.

Old windows have character that is impossible to recreate without spending a lot of money--individual panes of wavy glass divided by muntins that have a profile and depth--all of this adds architectural character.

DON"T buy the lies of the replacement window industry if you live in an older home. It is an industry designed to sell you things you don't need. It amazes me that people so willingly buy into the ideas of that industry and dismiss the facts shared by those who have no financial profit in encouraging the repair of old windows.

As others have suggested; do an energy audit of your home with a blower door test. You might be surprised what you find.
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Kathryn Tegreene Interior Design
hyper1: Thanks for your well stated comments. In regards to Lead Based paint, of course you should be cautious if you are disturbing (by sanding) something covered in Lead Based paint you MUST take all precautions.,However there has been such a hysteria connected with this issue.Several generations lived in homes with LBP (lead based paint)since it was used exclusively until 1978, and only a small percentage had ill effects from just living in a home with LBP. Children in impoverished areas have been known to eat flaking paint off of the walls as it has a sweet taste to it..NOT A GOOD IDEA! Also don't sand it, or if you have an old house. don't grow edible produce close to your house. If you are considering an old house, don't panic and gt informed.
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Royal Windows Manufacturing Corporation

Long Island, would you like to replace your windows
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during the installation process? If you’re getting Royal Windows, you don’t need to be worried. Ourspecial winter window installation process
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mind every step of the way.

Our expert window installation teams start by closing off each room
receiving new windows from the rest of the house to minimize your
exposure to the cold and snow.

We install one window at a time to minimize the cold air entering
your home. Typically, each window is only out for approximately 5
minutes or less. Complete opening alterations will take a bit longer,
but our experts work quickly, keeping the amount of time without a
window in place to a bare minimum. All trim work on the interior and/or
exterior of your windows only happens when the new window is properly in

We also utilize a two crew installation team! One installer remains
on the inside of the home and one installer remains outside during the
entire process Our installation process keeps your home in tip-top shape
by eliminating mud, snow and debris from being tracked in.

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