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Chris McDonough

We are planing to replace all our kitchen cabinets, but REALLY want to save our granite counter tops that we love. Has anyone accomplished this?

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I reuse cabinets all of the time. I have furnished entire kitchens with cabinets that I have purchased at garage sales. A lot of used cabinets are better quality than new ones. I have used old laminate counter tops as workbench tops and in one case, cut one down to use in a bathroom of a rental. The cabinet door handles in my garage have been used in three other kitchens over time, I just keep reusing them. The garage cabinets are made up of different kitchen cabinets from four kitchens, but painted white...who cares?

I took the nice 2.6 gpf toilets out of my house and put them in a rental and replaced the toilets in the house with nicer, 0.8 gpf ones that were taller and fancier. I swap faucets and lighting too. I look at everything I touch with any remodel work to determine how it can be reused or repurposed. Obviously, if I don't/can't reuse it, I donate my used fixtures and furnishings to the local charities that accept them and let someone else get more value out of them than I can. Remodel shows where the homeowners are given a sledge hammer and start walloping away on perfectly good cabinets drives me nuts. Someone who shops at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore can use those cabinets.

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Sol Trickey

Such an important question for those in the business of flipping properties. These days a lot of buyers are looking for "original charm" so it's important to be mindful of what you're demo-ing.


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