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Lindsey M. Roberts
Can't wait to see your pics, Catrine36.

And good point, Patricia!
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Emelie Koshland
There is this big house at the top of my hill (i live on Bernal hill in San Francisco). They are adding on to this house which adds another floor to it, so not only is it hugh wide now but it is huge long too. They chose to paint their house in light yellow with white trim. I think that we may be seeing the side of the house because the front door is up the path. Regardless it sits like this HUGE structure that looks, so.. well blairing-ly gigantic and out of place. I looked at that house for a long long time and finally i realized why. They have NO roof overhang (and it is a peaked roof!) at all. It just gets to the top of the wall and stops. To emphasize this, they trimmed it out with the white. It looks so awkward and out of place and i hate to say it... CHEAP! The house is most likely beautiful on the inside with amazing views, but they badly need some eves! Moral. Overhang is beautiful!
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Why is it impossible to find the cost per sq ft of roof overhangs?

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