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Shoshana Bloom

I have been in 5 homes since my husband passed away at 55, 18 years ago, and moved continents and not one of these homes left me even vaguely sentimental about leaving because of living there alone.

My memories are of people not of bricks and mortar.

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Robin Michetti

My sister in law is the same as Shoshana. In retirement, she and her husband moved from Switzerland where they had lived for 32 years, back to Montreal 2 years ago. I said to her, "You must really miss your lovely, old home overseas and the life you lived there; skiing in winter in the Swiss Alps, hiking with friends through the forests in the mountains, speaking French and German to the merchants, taking day trips to enjoy lunch in quaint, little, nearby villages...". Not one bit! She moves on and doesn't look back. Wow! And I have a friend who cherishes things to the extreme and cannot get rid of any of her 35 - 40 year old children's baby clothes. We are all so different.

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GNH Designs

I love this
- Honor the past and embrace the future. There is a season for every space in
our lives. As someone who has moved and lived in many different types of houses
and neighborhoods I know that some houses work and some... well, no matter how
hard you try they are never a good fit. I have found in these situations I
always hit a point where its best to take the emotion out of things, stop trying to repair the things that I can't fix (usually because they have nothing to do with me) and to just move on.


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