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Toronto Elitecrete
Thank for all the info, but my problem is whenever I add fertilizer ( special orchid fertilizer) flowers dies right after, what am i doing wrong?
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Conservatory Craftsmen
Although flowers look like joy to us, they are actually a sign of stress or death to a plant. How can that be? The flower is so pretty! The flower of the plant is the plant's signal that it needs to procreate. This is assisted by insects attracted to the flower. One reason orchid flowers last so long is they are often very difficult to pollinate.
Fertilizer at the time of flowering is like giving a steak dinner to a dying patient. Now this is not to say the plant is dying, but it is a natural biological signal that the plant is under some natural level of stress.
I know, hard to believe.
Feed plants when growing, not flowering. An extremely healthy plant will not flower! Some small stress is needed to promote this event.
Also Orchids are have very frugal needs. They are epiphytes that are non parasitic. It is very easy to overfeed an orchid.
Our conservatories are often homes to the most beautiful orchids. Visit us at
or share knowledge and information at
Happy growing
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Dissolve birth control pills in water and water your orchids with it. Just spray the leaves. Do this twice a month, your orchids are going to explode with flowers. This is not scientofocally proven, but it sure works.

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