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good one

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Deborah lippitt

Been researching this..interesting. Watch out if your suffer from S.A.D. Color choice is very important..need some warmth.. In that case most of the above colors would be hell in winter. Most of those colors are too cool in tone for me and cool tones are heading "out" fairly fast. More warm tones in color coming in..seeing lots of yellow lately?? Apple green?

They did research in Britain and this is what they found were the colors that produced the most sleep among 2000 people. #1. Aqua/Azure #2. Yellow!! #3. Green #4. Orange(warms and relaxes muscles) and the color that produced the least amount of sleep=Purple!!! Pretty interesting..

I'm having a hard time feeling restful in my bedroom. Pale periwinkle or it could be too many windows and I need curtains/drapes etc. it is a big room. It needs too feel more cozy. Onward in my search.

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I want to interior home from front

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