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Katy McLean
Ahhhh coffee.... I've said in the past, "I'm going to give up coffee". But, why in the world would I! Its the peacefulness of my coffee routine that I crave; let my dog (Stanley) out; turn on the tea kettle to heat water for warming my cup; let Stanley in; put fresh grounds in my Mr. Coffee and set it to brew; feed Stanley (at this point he is wondering if that will ever happen)... pour my first cup add cream and my favorite chair and the morning begins... thanking God for coffee beans.
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My husband likes the press and I like the chemex . Whoever gets to the

kitchen 1st makes it their way.

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Yes my husband and I are big coffee drinkers. We have a awesome 14c. coffee maker. We have a cup together before work. I use beans that we grind at home Dark Roast all the way.


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