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Southwest Greens of Florida

You can also use fake grass on areas like your driveway that is more cost effective but visually makes a big impact. We have done many of these and the results are nothing short of amazing. Most people when they think of fake grass, only consider it in terms of an entire lawn but it can be done in small areas like this as well.

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I redid my backyard to be drought tolerant and like it so much better than the grass that was there. I’m thinking of redoing the front yard now and love this little circle of faux grass.
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Good water for next generations should be a priority for all of us. Your designs suggest that it would be easy to minimize the hard surfaces and grasses with short roots are not good. Please encourage rain gardens with some native pollinators, trees and bushes to absorb and clean runoff. The use of rain water harvesting, trenches to spread and distribute water. Studies show healthy soils and plants, reduce peoples blood pressure and boost their immune systems. Lots of reasons to rethink designing our outdoor spaces for our health and the health of our communities.

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