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What a first world problem - let the kids pick something special, keep what is of high personal value, sell what would raise funds that could be donated to charity and donate the rest - perhaps a charity that helps homeless or battered women....
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Ruth BT
I love these images but sadly they are not reality. As a few have already said, only costume jewellery should be on display, everything else should be locked away in a safe. As a jeweller I encourage customers who have fine jewellery they no longer wear to melt it down and repurpose it into new designs for themselves and for family. Whilst jewellers don’t like to reuse old gold you can ask for a credit towards new pieces with the stones you may have removed!
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Unfortunately we have the same problem as wuff and Jeannie in our country, SA, valuables have to be kept in a safe, would love to display my jewelry like in some of these suggestions, then one could enjoy looking at the beautiful pieces more often. We had a house robbery with 5 armed men. We even have to have multiple hidden safes, as the robbers first ask where is the safe.

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