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I was hoping to see images of more traditional built ins. I like built in dressers with closed cupboards above them with no glass.. A built in wall of closet doors and dresser so you don't need a plethora of furniture to dust over, under, on top of and the sides. My goal is everything in its place and no room for mess making. Master bedroom with two entire walls of built ins one side for him, one side for her. A bed, two nightstands, no chairs, sofas or blanket chest to drop clothing or things off until later. I want to be able to take a swiffer and do the whole floor and under the bed without having to pick up anything.

I also like built in china cabinets with drawers below, linen closets and small bookshelves on either side of the fireplace with drawers at the base. I love thick vinyl extra cushioned L shaped banquets they are wonderful to sit in and can accompany wheelchairs on one side of the table.

I see no point in built in desks usually they are too small or too awkward for any real use. I prefer the kitchen or dining table. I also don't like a large expenses of bookcases with no doors. I have no need or desire to display a bunch of knick knack dust catchers or books to impress people. I find that window seat only appeal to pets not people because they are very uncomfortable to sit in for any length of time longer than removing one's shoes.

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painter Sonu
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Deep Ganatra
Munna Mistry

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