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Nancy Fisher

I like the idea of having a coffee maker near/in the bathroom. I made many trips up stairs,balancing a cup of coffee! Also the frig is where to keep the cream!

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A small frig in a baby's room is a wonderful luxury in which to place a bottle for a late night feeding.
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Nancy in Mich

I am surprised that the designers are not aware that some lines of medicine cabinets offer refrigerated sections. Robern did as recently as 2013, though I don't see it in their current M series options. The seem to have replaced it with a lockbox. Biszet offers a full refrigerator medicine cabinet with each shelf at a different temperature for a different type of need. Article on Biszet wall cab.

I am with bmama on the sanitary vs unsanitary issue. How do some people manage to get through life if they are so afraid of being in the same vicinity as germs? On the other hand, Buster57's point about the need for sinks in water closets is right on. You follow basic hygiene and your bathroom is as clean as anywhere else in your house.

A fridge in the bath/bedroom may be holding a glass carafe of tap water, so that the homeowner has a refreshing cold drink near at hand and is not using bottled water bought at the store. I save the bottles from when I do buy a water when I am out and about, then fill them from my filtered water and store them in my fridge, for a quick grab-and-go. Nope, my fridge is not in my bedroom, as my house is small enough that this is not necessary. Neither is it in our only bathroom. But for those who want or need this luxury, it is fine by me!


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